My individualized, one-on-one coaching is created based on your diet history, goals, and preferences. Achieving your ideal body does NOT have to be hard.

In fact, difficulty is often the biggest deterrent in compliance and consistency. Two keys to successful changes in body composition.Beyond the physical changes, my coaching encompasses a well rounded approach to sustainable change.

Creating habits that fuel long-term health and wellness.
My goal is to end dieting cycles and show each client the way to their best, healthiest physique.

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“I started working with Sam and following @TheSamPlan on IG in July last year and it has been incredible. I was the girl whose weight always yo-yo’d back and forth. This is the first year I successfully made it through a holiday season without gaining that dreaded holiday weight. I have worked with a variety of plans and trainers and never found someone who actually personalized it for ME.  Sam started out by listening to the personal goals I had for myself and devising a long-term sustainable plan to achieve them. She actively participates by giving feedback on weekly updates, adjusting macros & workouts, and answering all questions on a one-on-one basis! She worked with me to figure out ways that will best keep me accountable and what works for my body. She’s supportive, but does not baby you – she’ll be honest if you aren’t hitting your macros you are keeping yourself from seeing as much progress as you want but encourages you stay on track. However, she’s real and gets that life happens and encourages you to enjoy it as much as possible and not dwell or feel guilty! I’m physically the strongest I’ve ever been in my life and am MUCH stronger mentally. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn about nutrition/metabolism/the body, to be challenged, and to see improvement in their fitness journey!”