My individualized, one-on-one coaching is created based on your diet history, goals, and preferences. Achieving your ideal body does NOT have to be hard.

In fact, difficulty is often the biggest deterrent in compliance and consistency. Two keys to successful changes in body composition.Beyond the physical changes, my coaching encompasses a well rounded approach to sustainable change.

Creating habits that fuel long-term health and wellness.
My goal is to end dieting cycles and show each client the way to their best, healthiest physique.

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After finally growing tired of not achieving the results I wanted, both in how I looked and how I felt, I signed up for the SamPlan in July and the last 6 months have literally been life changing. Yes I lost 20 pounds, feel amazing, and can see my abs again, but the best part was the knowledge I gained.  Having specific nutrition goals each week helped me gain the discipline I had been lacking and the freedom of IIFYM allowed me the creativity to still get in some of my favorite flavors.  Tracking all of this with Sam also opened my eyes to what I was putting into my body as well as the impact those foods had on my mood, energy, and overall well being.  All of the myths that I had previously believed (carbs are the enemy, cardio is the best way to shed pounds, etc), were all thrown out the door and replaced with replaced with good eating and really fun and challenging workouts.  Add in an amazing coach who is motivating, invested in you, and who walks the walk and there was no way I could fail.” –