My individualized, one-on-one coaching is created based on your diet history, goals, and preferences. Achieving your ideal body does NOT have to be hard.

In fact, difficulty is often the biggest deterrent in compliance and consistency. Two keys to successful changes in body composition.Beyond the physical changes, my coaching encompasses a well rounded approach to sustainable change.

Creating habits that fuel long-term health and wellness.
My goal is to end dieting cycles and show each client the way to their best, healthiest physique.

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Sam Gwazdauskas

Bachelor’s of Science
Nutrition & Dietetics Master’s of Science
Kinesiology & Sport Nutrition CSCS
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach CISSN
Certified Sport Nutritionist

I have competed in bodybuilding and constantly battle the thought of doing another show. I am mostly known for living in yoga pants, eating oatmeal that looks like cake, and always having my golden retriever close by.

People often refer to me as a fitness enthusiast, self love advocate, and travel addict. I love serving the world by coaching men and women to their best and healthiest bodies without sacrificing fun parts of life in the process

The things I’m most passionate about in life are sharing my journey and encouraging others to embrace and care for all parts of their beings, not just the body you live in (though that’s a big part of it!).

When I’m not at the gym or tucked behind my computer screen… you can find me exploring the world (and eating a lot of food along the way)

As an online personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist i have been able to impact more lives than i ever thought would be possible – that goal will never keep growing.


I’ve experienced it all when it comes to trying to achieve my “ideal” body. I’ve tried going vegan, numerous fad diets, fasts, juice cleanses, excessive cardio … the works. Even as an undergrad student studying nutrition and dietetics I still felt lost. Nothing worked.So, what changed? Continuing my education and finding the weight room (and using it). Information is power.


I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in 2014 from The University of Arizona. I began my undergraduate degree in the School of Business, but quickly decided to switch to Nutritional Science & Dietetics (because…well, I love food!). After four years in Arizona, I decided to continue my education at Georgia Southern University and graduated with my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology and Sport Nutrition in 2016. While in Georgia, I had a unique and rare opportunity to be involved in research related to sports supplementation and exercise physiology. I was hooked.

While going to school (both as an undergrad and masters student) fitness was always a passion I loved to share with others. I started teaching exercise classes (yoga and body conditioning) and have now been personal training as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for almost four years.

I currently serve a variety of clients needs from strength, to power, to weight loss and weight gain. Through my education and experiences I have learned a lot about metabolism, nutrition, sport supplementation, human anatomy, human kinetics, biomechanics, and a healthy mindset. This is the foundation of how I have achieved my personal success in the fitness/health industry and what influences how I assist others in achieving their own sustainable change in body composition and healthy relationship with food.

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