My individualized, one-on-one coaching is created based on your diet history, goals, and preferences. Achieving your ideal body does NOT have to be hard.

In fact, difficulty is often the biggest deterrent in compliance and consistency. Two keys to successful changes in body composition.Beyond the physical changes, my coaching encompasses a well rounded approach to sustainable change.

Creating habits that fuel long-term health and wellness.
My goal is to end dieting cycles and show each client the way to their best, healthiest physique.

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The Sam Plan


First and foremost, thank you supporting me through likes, comments, shares, views, and especially through the Balance Athletica Harmony 2.0 launch!


Second – I wish I could bake you all chocolate chip cookies (maybe one day…) but for now – as a SMALL token, here are a couple PDF’s I put together for you guys! I hope you love them 🙂


  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie FAVES